Unlocking Natural Calmness: Discovering the Organic Calm Kid Glycerite

Organic Calm Kid Glycerite bottle

In a world where children are often bombarded with stimuli, finding gentle yet effective ways to soothe them is paramount. Fortunately, nature provides us with some of the best remedies, and the Organic Calm Kid Glycerite stands as a testament to this. Harnessing the power of chamomile, catnip, and lemon balm, this alcohol-free, honey-free formula offers a holistic solution to support children’s well-being.


The Trio of Tranquility:

Chamomile, catnip, and lemon balm are revered for their calming properties, gently soothing the nervous system and promoting relaxation in children.


Soothing Sleep Support:

With the hustle and bustle of modern life, restful sleep is essential for children’s growth and well-being. This glycerite formula offers natural support to promote peaceful slumber.


Mood Magic:

From occasional mood swings to everyday stressors, children encounter a range of emotions. The herbs in this formula help ease tension and uplift mood, fostering emotional balance.

Gentle Tummy TLC:

Digestive discomfort can disrupt a child’s day. This glycerite formula provides gentle relief for occasional tummy troubles, promoting digestive wellness.\

Certified Organic Assurance:

Parents can trust the quality and purity of this formula, as it is Certified Organic by CCOF. This certification ensures that only the finest organic ingredients are used, offering peace of mind to families.

Usage and Caution:

Administering the glycerite is simple and safe. Just take 10-30 drops in 1/4 cup of water 3-5 times daily or as directed. However, it’s essential to consult with a healthcare practitioner if pregnant, lactating, or currently taking medication. Additionally, keeping the product out of reach of children is crucial.


The Organic Calm Kid Glycerite, with its blend of chamomile, catnip, and lemon balm, offers a natural solution to soothe and support children’s well-being. From promoting restful sleep to easing mood swings and tummy troubles, this alcohol-free, honey-free formula provides gentle yet effective relief. With Certified Organic assurance, parents can trust in the quality and purity of this holistic remedy for their little ones.

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