History & Fact Of Nike In The Footwear Industry

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From selling shoes on the local market to making a brand internationally. Nike has always been on top since 1964. Know the story behind the history and struggle of Nike.


Nike is one of the most successful brands in today’s world. The journey of the Nike brand is the best inspiration for branding, marketing, and advertising. Because each successful company is the inspiration for another small business. Or Nike is the best inspiration for a footwear designing company.

footwear designing

Nike is not only a brand. It is a platform of success for many people. The journey of Nike is one of the most important journeys in the footwear world. Because it includes the real struggle of making any company from zero to the top, you can follow everything Nike has for their business or get a higher position of your business globally. 


Overview Of Nike Company’s Success 

Nike was first founded by Bill Bowerman & Phil Knight in the previous time. The company was known as Blue ribbon Sports. After countless successes in 1971, the company name changed to Nike. Which means the goddess of victory. As Nike upgrades, it also changes its logo, recognizing Nike as an international brand. 


In the initial stage, Nike sold only sportswear as it updated. Nike started selling casual shoes and sports equipment. By using small marketing tactics, Nike expanded their business globally. It also created Nike’s history in the footwear industry. 


  • Collaboration with big names-  Nike started working with big basketball personality Michael Jordan. So they launched Nike Air shoes, and Jordan has been associated with brand identity. Nike started working with athletes and starting launching new sports kits. So working with these, Nike got a key to market a business.


  •  Logo-  Nike presented their logo with the sign tick in 1971, or it has been the same for the last 30 years or from the previous 30 years. It maintains its brand or becomes a reputable company globally. Its focus is on brand consistency because it makes the business trustworthy or helps make the company’s reputation.


  • Continuing innovation in the product-  one of Nike’s best strategies is to continue creating by the market demand or also focus on promoting the brand. So people can know about Nike. Nike is working on technology, staying on trends, or focusing on the latest fashion to make their product top in the footwear industry.


Problem Faces By Nike Company

Nike is known as the best footwear company in the world. Or as every reputed brand has some good or bad controversy. In that case, there have been a few incidents in which writers in the history of Nike company.

footwear designing

  • In 1991, Jeff Ballinger realized a note of the poor working conditions of Nike employees, which affected Nike’s working operation, that Nike employees are doing over working in Indonesia. 


  • In 2018, Nike made the biggest splash on labor day by launching 93% of PFC- free products. Or it is the best enhancement booster or also claimed for toxic chemicals.


  • In 2019, Nike gave 27% of its apparel to china for decreases the problem of the supply chain of products, or slowly shifting from China to Vietnam.


  • In May 2022, Nike will celebrate 50 years of its success. Or this event is named Nike at 50, and even local athletes are also included in this. The Nike at 50 events organized by Nike hong kong.



Nike is known as one of the best athletic apparel companies and is also known as a valuable brand for the sports business. The struggle or efforts of the Nike brand makes it the best footwear apparel and equipment company in the world.

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