Best Php Framework For Beginners

In recent years, PHP has become the choice of developers as a widely used scripting language. With the increasing popularity of PHP, more and more PHP frameworks are emerging out there. There are lots of questions about what’s best out there?

Actually, the PHP framework itself is made for different purposes. So where is the best for you is not necessarily the best for others. Now as a reference, here is a list of the best and most famous PHP framework at the moment:

1. Laravel
Laravel was first released in 2011. Based on a survey conducted by Sitepoint, Laravel is the most widely used framework by developers.

Laravel itself does have many features that can help developers to make applications faster. Laravel also has a lightweight templating machine called “Blade”. Not only that, Laravel also has a syntax that can help you do tasks such as authentication, sessions, queuing, caching, and routing RESTful.

2. The Zend Framework
The Zend Framework has many users and a large community. Because of the large community, Zend Framework has a lot of support and an active user base. Zend is arguably the most famous PHP framework at the moment.

Zend has a lot of features that are made for development at the corporate level. In addition, to use Zend, you need to have sufficient PHP knowledge.

3. CakePHP
For those of you who are just starting to use the PHP framework, CakePHP is the most appropriate.

Built on the same principles as Ruby on Rails, CakePHP focuses on rapid development. So if you need to develop a website in a short time, CakePHP can be the right choice.

With ease of use, scalability, and a growing support system, CakePHP can be the choice for your next project.

4. Symfony
This best PHP framework is more suitable for advanced developers. Symfony itself was created with the aim of making applications at the corporate level. Examples of websites that use Symfony are Askeet and Yahoo! Bookmarks.

This PHP framework does have many features and can be used for many things. However, Symfony itself works a little slower when compared to other frameworks.

5. CodeIgniter
CodeIgniter is known for its ease of use, good performance, and speed. Unlike Symfony, this one PHP framework is suitable for use in shared hosting accounts or if you want to use a framework that has a small footprint.

CodeIgniter also has a library containing tutorial videos, forums, user guides, and wiki pages to support. CodeIgniter can also be used by beginners.

6. Seagull
Seagull is a well-known PHP framework for creating websites, command lines, and GUI applications. This one framework is easy to use for all developers – from beginners to coder who are experts.

For beginners, Seagull has examples of applications that you can customize to suit your needs. For those of you who are experts, Seagull offers several choices, including the best practices and standards as well as modular code-base so you can build web applications quickly and easily.

Seagull also has an active developer community. In addition, they also have support documentation if you need help.

PHP frameworks are a great way for developers of all skill levels to reduce the need for code repetition, speed up the development process, and ensure proper use of code when creating web applications.

This not only can speed up application development but also tighten PHP security by reducing the risk of security holes in your work results.

There are many of the best PHP frameworks available today, so it’s easy for developers to find a framework that suits their needs in terms of features, support, speed, scalability and more. Hopefully this article helps!

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