What are the differences between Raspberry Pi and Arduino?

Ever had the desire to make your own smartphone or a small homemade computer? , if ever you must be familiar with the name Arduino and Raspberry PI. although it is very similar in size and price, but actually there are some fundamental differences that can be taken into consideration to choose one from Arduino or Raspberry PI.
Raspberry Pi and Arduino are indeed designed in such a way as learning media tools and are easy to use, which is why they are so popular.

The Raspberry PI was designed and created by Eben Upton with a colleague from the Cambridge computer lab. Some students who have taken the program and courses in the computer lab feel that they don’t get the skills, so Upton created a computer that is cheap and easily modified so students can improve their skills in the computer field.

While Arduino was developed by an Italian named Massimo Banzi, he wanted a simple hardware model that could be used by students.

In the table above we can see that the Raspberry Pi has hardware specifications that are far better than Arduino, in fact we can use and modify Raspberry PI like a personal computer even though it is not as good as a Mac or PC. but, even though Arduino has these drawbacks, IDEs on Arduino are very easy to use, and also because Arduino is indeed not designed to be able to install a lot of software so we can turn on and off as we please without fear of any damaged software.

If you are a beginner, Arduino is highly recommended because Arduino is simple to use, not easily damaged and there are many sources that can be used as a guide for beginners.

whereas, to use Raspberry Pi at least you have to learn about the basics of using Linux. Raspberry Pi must also be turned off properly if not, damage can occur.

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