What is the Raspberry Pi?

What is the Raspberry Pi
What is the Raspberry Pi
Have you ever wondered what is raspberry pi? In this article we see what this really cool little computer is and also briefly what you can do with this Raspberry pi.

The Raspberry Pi or Raspi is a small computer the size of a credit card, the Raspberry Pi has a typical processor, RAM and hardware port that you can find on many computers. This means, you can do many things like on a desktop computer. You can do such as editing documents, playing HD videos, playing games, coding and more.

Very clearly, Raspi will not have power or not as powerful as a desktop PC. but because the price is much cheaper then we can copy and modify it without thinking about the cost.

Raspberry Pi is also good at doing many things that don’t require expensive computers to make. like running as NAS (Network Attached Storage), web server, router, media center, TorrentBox and many more.

The main operating system for Pi is Raspbian OS and is based on Debian (based on debian). This is a Linux distribution so you might feel a little different if you often use a Windows computer. Although the main operating system supported is Raspbian, you can also install other operating systems such as Ubuntu core and Ubuntu mare, Pirate OS, OSMC, RIS OS, Windows 10 IoT and more.

Raspberry Pi model
There are 3 different models from Pi so far, I will give a little review of Raspberry Pi so you can choose it according to your needs.
Raspberry Pi A +

Raspberry Pi A + is a version of raspberry pi which is low spec and price. this version only has one USB port, low power consumption, no Ethernet port and only 256MB RAM.

The version of Pi is more suitable for projects that do not require a large amount of power for processing, you can use it for projects such as robotics, remote control / car and embedded system projects.

Raspberry Pi B and B +

Raspberry Pi B + and B is an earlier version of Raspi which has now been replaced by the Raspberry Pi 2. The B + version has one CPU core, 4 USB ports, a micro SD card slot and low power consumption. This improves on the previous B model which only has 2 USB ports, higher power consumption, SD Card Slot size and several other things.

Raspberry Pi 2

Raspberry Pi 2 is the latest version of Pi and the fastest version of Pi when this article was written. Raspberry pi 2 and version B + are the most popular versions you can find because of the processing power and number of ports you can get.

Raspberry Pi 2 is a B + replacement and features a 900 MHz quad core CPU and 1 GB ram. The rest of the specifications remain the same as what you will find in the previous model, the Raspberry Pi B +.

That is the pengelanan article from the Definition of Raspberry Pi, hopefully it can help you in choosing Raspi to start a project or even just to play a hobby playing with this mini computer. thanks.

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